Lost in Dreams: The Journey Home

The CoffeeShop

Home Sweet Home

The Coffee Shop is a medium sized location that can seat around 80 people comfortably at any one time, with an open area in the front of the shop that can be cleared for the Tuesday night talent shows or the occational live garage band that plays on weekends. It has free wifi and cheap, toleratable coffee and is close to the university as well as the "artistic" slum in the city. The Coffee bar has a few sandwiches for sale and other snacks but its primary purpose is coffee.

The owner of the coffee shop (Marg) rarely shows up, as she runs a restaurant almost fulltime across town and places the responsibility of running the coffee shop to Wes and he in turn relies on his boyfriend Jim and Jim's Younger sister Beth to help with the day to day. Wes and Beth take care of the front of the store and work the coffee pots while Jim takes care of the books and making sure the supplies keep coming in every week. They try and keep the atmosphere of the coffee shop relaxed and welcoming for their primary clientele and because the shop has become a refuge for many from the rest of the noisy angry ugly world.



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