Martin "Cat" Enehet

Coffeeshop Regular


White man in his late 40's, messy hair, bare mark where a wedding ring once held an important position. Martin is a mishapen man, too tall for his clothes, ears too big for his head, eyes too small for his wide rimmed glasses. He wears a worn suit and loose tie, his clothes look slept in while his prize possession, his 1940's fedora is in pristine condition. Martin appears as a layabout that wyles his time away in the coffee shop, but has several cards for his many business ventures that he hands out whenever anyone new comes up to talk to him.

According to him, he is a private investigator, a personal assistant, a head hunter for a local job placement company, a part time security guard, a lawyer and a certified accountant who can do your yearly taxes for a modest fee. He spends most days 1 finger tapping at his old 90's laptop,a coffee in one hand and pocky stick hanging out of his mouth like a forgotten cigarette. He acts as the Coffee house bartender, willing to listen to your troubles as long as you buy him a refill – preferably his favorite Sumatran coffee – sometimes he even offers advice or solutions. He genuninely tries to be good natured and happy, but the pain behind his eyes shows a hard life lived.


Martin "Cat" Enehet

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